Sunday, September 10, 2006

NFL - week 1

This was the opening weekend of NFL football. On Thursday night, Pittsburgh defeated Miami. It was an okay game. My friend Curtis, a diehard Steelers fan from way back, was extremely satisfied with the outcome. I was a little miffed at Miami's coach, Nick Saban, for not challenging one of the Steelers touchdowns in a timely manner. He very causally threw the red flag and not to where the referee could see it. I mean really, he should have made a lot of noise or ran to where the ref could see him.

When I got in from church this morning I flipped the television to Fox NFL Sunday. What the heck? Where was James Brown? He was the glue that held those other guys in check! Joe Buck is the new host. We'll see...

The New Orleans Saints beat the Cleveland Browns 19-14 in Cleveland. The Saints run game looked really good. Reggie Bush, the #2 overall pick in this year's draft, looked really as did Duece McAllister. Two players left the game due to injury, Mike Karney and Keith Joseph. Let's hope Kareny's injury is not to serious. He is needed in the backfield.

Overall, I was impressed with Drew Brees. Next week the Saints travel to Green Bay. A quick look at the scoreboard tells me that the Packers lost to Chicago today. I wonder if we'll pull out a win at Lambeau Field next week.

The nightcap has Indianapolis on the road at the New York Giants. It is called the battle of the brothers, Peyton Manning and Eli Manning. The Colts are leading 16-7 at the half. This should be a pretty good game in the second half.

More tomorrow...

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