Monday, September 11, 2006

Sporting commercials

One thing I like about sporting events are the commercials. Honestly, I think persons who work in that type of advertising are really smart and genius, at times (sometimes they are totally off the mark).

The Nike Gridiron commercials with Michael Vick, Brian Urlacher, Urban Meyer, Don Shula, and several other people associated with football.

I also like the Southwest Airlines centered around football. The one woman uses a towel and snaps another woman on the behind with a towel, hilarious! Well, all of the SW Airlines commercials are pretty good.

Other good ones:
Men of the Square Table - despite being dubbed Man Laws
Under Armour - the one with the kids on the bus
Gatorade - the one with Kevin Garnett, Peyton Manning, and several other sports stars. They have little kid voices with big heads. Too funny!

I'm sure I'll see more as the season progresses.

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